Why are we so nosey?

We’re all nosy by nature, whether you like to admit it or not. Open up your phone and you’ll find at least one app that allows you to snoop in and out of someone’s life whenever you please. Maybe some of you are prepared to argue that you don’t own any of those apps; but can you argue against the fact that you are at this very moment reading my precious work? We’re all nosy and very few of us are closed books. We live in a world where we can know so much about so many people and never open up a dialogue with them.

I guess that’s fine. Well… is it? I mean, so much of what we do now is based on numbers. Recently I was out with some friends when a friend of mine managed to grab the attention of a nice looking female and asked for her social media. After a peruse of her page he found that 1) Her follow count was low, and 2) The ratio of followers to following was negative. His response to this was absolute repulsion, “that’s a shame”. A shame indeed. For someone like me, witnessing that immediately painted a hypothetical picture in my head where that girl was his soul mate and they would have been very happy and blah blah. It’s worth thinking about though. How many of us have deliberately left fate at the hands of numbers on a screen?

Even on this site, you may be swayed to follow a social media influencer purely because of their huge follow count. But everyone has an agenda and this is where it gets interesting. To continue with this scenario, firstly a large audience means a lot of power; and a lot of power means a lot of ego. Even your most humble celebrity is fully aware of the  power they have at their disposal; and I assure you that they use it more often than we may catch on. By doing this, by following the biggest influencers, are we limiting our knowledge? Are we happily subjecting ourselves to a distorted perception of the truth?

I don’t know how many people will read this, but the bottom line of what I am trying to say is don’t be afraid to meddle in someone’s life with positivity. In life there will always be small numbers and big numbers. The small group of friends that banded together because they were different and no one gave them the time of day. The big group of friends because they were conventional and bonded over their ‘norm-ism’. By default a lot of us may be drawn towards the bigger group, there’s a lot of them! But funnily enough, if you don’t belong there, then you’re only exposing yourself to the people who will eventually let you down. Don’t be afraid to show love to small numbers, meddle in their affairs with compassion.

What you’ll gain in return is bigger than any follow count on this planet.


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  1. This is definitely so true. It’s also amazing how years ago before the internet you actually had to socialize with people. That sounds like sarcasm but it’s true. Social media has definitely changed us all.

    Also, I love your blog. Literally your motto is similar to my blog. I write my opinions on everything. 👍🏻😄

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