{Good News} 10 years ago he was homeless and suicidal. Now he’s a millionaire and on top of the world.

In an earlier article I wrote about how commitment is the key to succeeding in life. This is obviously easier said than done. As real people with real lives that are far beyond the encapsulation of a motivational quote on a 165 x 165 page, we all know that hard times are a part of our past, present, and future. When you’re facing those lows a simple quote like the type aforementioned or even an article posted on an awesome blog (wink wink) is unlikely to impress you or sway your situation. And it isn’t meant to. As I write this post and send it out to you, I do so with the intention of reminding you that any depressive situation you may be in is indeed temporary. The story I’m going to be reporting to you today is a brilliant example of how life will not change if you don’t change along with it. If things aren’t going your way then its you who needs to get in it’s way.

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Mylo Kaye, 30, is an owner of a business that is on route to turnover £1m this year and the future is looking promising. 10 years earlier he had worked for Telewest at Liverpool’s Albert Dock, at the age of 20 he had been promoted to a senior technical role and was enjoying the money that came with it. From an abstract point of view, it seems as if he was destined to achieve a great deal of success in life.

But life is anything but abstract and in a space of 10 years a lot can happen. Mylo let the success get to his head, he took drugs and partied more than he dared to work.

“I was still only 20 and I did all the things I probably shouldn’t. I went out all the time, was drinking alcohol, doing drugs.

“At the time I thought it was amazing and I lost my sense of reality. What I saw was different from what was happening around me.

“I thought it was an exciting time, I was having fun, and I thought ‘this is my money, I’m going to spend it’.

“I had a good relationship with everyone at work and in my mind, naively I thought they wouldn’t mind if I didn’t go in for a few days every now and then. My judgement was completely impaired.”

Mylo ended up homeless, jobless and alone. It wasn’t until his social worker put him on a programme at the hostel he was staying at, making sure he went to the gym regularly and knew how to cook for himself.

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“It was part of a programme at the hostel. She had me on a regime at the gym and she taught me how to cook properly.

“It helped build my confidence and strengthen what was already there.”

During Mylo’s recovery process his uncle, whom he was very fond of,  died and left a void that threatened to suck him back into darkness.

“It was like someone saying ‘You can’t do well, I’m going to put these things in your way’, first losing my job and the second my uncle.”

I’m sure we can all relate with Mylo having at times felt that life is relentlessly punishing us for whatever reason. Days, weeks, months, even years may pass with no break from the arse-kicking. You ask, when is it going to end?

Instead of give up, Mylo put the strength that he had remaining to apply for University and pursue a future in web development and business enterprise. While studying in Manchester, Mylo met his future business partner and went on to create the company ‘Dreamr’.

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They began making websites for small businesses before branching out into the big time. The company now employs 23 staff members to create mobile apps for small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. This year the company is projected to turnover £1m.

Now imagine if Mylo had committed suicide when he thought there was no future for him. I wonder what Mylo would have reacted if I had gone up to him and told him he’d be a millionaire in a matter of years. Maybe he would have scoffed, laughed at me, told me to f*ck off. What would you say, if I came up to you right now and told you that you could be a millionaire in a matter of years?

Because that’s exactly what I’m telling you.

P.S (if you have any inspiring or positive stories you would like to share, feel free to email me via the contact form with information on the story and pictures to go with it– along with any desired link-backs if your story is chosen. Thank you :))

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