{Good News} 2 Million Kids Would Have Died If Not For Your Charity

Good News – How The American Taxpayer Has Saved The Lives Of 2 Million African Children

This post of Good News reports on an eye-opening story on something we don’t like to think about too much: charity. As much as we like to think of ourselves as generous and unselfish people, how many of you reading this donate to those in need regularly? How many of you step over the homeless man without a second’s thought?

Because you’re not alone, I mean I donate here and there when I can; but no where near as much as I maybe should be. It’s something about having an intention for the money given but not knowing exactly what happens with it in the end, that really irks me and makes it difficult for me to extend my sympathy in monetary form. And yes, I know you can relate. But get this, when charity fulfils it’s purpose it really is extraordinary.

Malaria affects many across the world

Take a look at this child suffering from malaria in this picture… then times it by 2 million. That’s how many would have died without charity from the US alone. Sub-Saharan Africa is heavily burdened by malaria although half the world is at risk, over 90% of malaria cases occur there along with 92% of malaria-related deaths. On average, there are 212 million cases of malaria a year and over 429,000 deaths. So you can do the math, because I can’t, when 92% of those deaths occur in African regions.

Mothers with their sick children in Uganda

Malaria has a devastating affect on children

Young children and those who are pregnant are especially vulnerable to the disease. Imagine being a small child, barely aware of what life even is, only knowing what pain is and wanting it to stop. And so often, the only way it does stop is when they eventually die. However, a lot of work is being done to help children, and adults, live their life to the fullest. A study published by PLOS Medicine showed that the $500 million a year pledged under the President’s Malaria Initiative, established in 2005, has helped turned the tide.

Studies found that countries assisted by the initiative had 16% less deaths in the younger age group than countries that were not. Long story short, approximately 1.7 million babies and toddlers have been saved since the program began. And if you’re an American, then you may have had a hand in this (unless you don’t pay tax). Health related foreign aid in America amount to less than a penny of each dollar spent by the taxpayer. ┬áSo if you’re apprehensive of charity and where the money is going, odds are you’ve helped save millions of lives without even knowing. Crazy, huh?

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Tax saves lives… who knew?

But if you can save many lives without knowing, imagine how many more you can contribute to saving actively. If you’re reading this, I hope that you’re fortunate enough to have a life where the only constant worry in your life is whether to eat cereal or a fry-up for breakfast; but always spare a thought for those who have to worry about far much more.

Here’s a list of highly rated charities for Health that you can check out:

  1. Against Malaria Foundation [DONATE]
  2. GiveDirectly [DONATE]
  3. Schistosomiasis Control Initiative [DONATE]
  4. Deworm the World Initiative (led by Evidence Action) [DONATE]

Feel free to give what you can and have a great day,

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