{Good News} How A Garbage Collector Found Treasure In The Trash

“You don’t wanna end up a garbage man? Do you?”


I was asked this question several times growing up by adults who felt like my actions required me to be reminded of the consequences I would undoubtedly suffer later in life. “Oh God no, I don’t wanna be a damn garbage man!”, anything but that. For some reason, the role of collecting rubbish is heavily condemned by society as a symbol of categorical failure in life. It’s a role that takes a great deal of humility, more than I dare to admit I have, but when there is food to put on the table; what choice do you have? You see, it is really the person who surrenders to their situation, the one who takes comfort in their lack of comfort; who has really failed.


Meet Nelson Monila, a 64 year old (I know, he does not look 64!), now retired, ex-garbage collector. Over his 34 years in the job, Monila acquired a knack for spotting what bags of rubbish had items of some worth within just by the sound they made.

“I have these ‘sensors’ that go off.”

I need to get me some of those sensors because I’m broke as f*ck right now, not sure if  could do the 34 year stretch to get them though…

Molina has collected over 50,000 ‘treasures’ including gems like Star Wars memorabilia and signed baseballs by several Yankee superstars. He started filling the lockers in the men’s dressing room until that filled up and he had to move the items to an empty room. Now the collection fills a space as large as an entire warehouse floor. Molina has plans to promote his collection in a museum.

“I want the New York City Department of Sanitation to get a nice building and open up a museum where they can put all this stuff,” he says.

No decision has been made yet but the idea of a museum of quality goods coming from the lowest-quality place sounds great. Apparently it is already a source of pride for trash workers in the city, and so it should be.

Molina’s accomplishment is evidence that a rubbish situation (all puns intended) can be a treasured experience.

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