{Good News} How The Sikh Community Saved This Town’s Independence Day

First of all, seeing as I have a large American audience, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATIONS! I’m sure you guys had a great time (I bet the holiday didn’t hurt eh ;)). Today’s segment of Good News is a reminder to be tolerant of those who are different to that of yourself. In an earlier article I explained the fact that stereotypes are often entertained because they are quicker forms of understanding than starting from scratch. The ability to look at someone with the perception of a blank piece of paper is something that we, as a society, need to continue to work towards.

Image: Leaders of the We are Sikhs campaign

When you look at this picture what do you see? Personally, I’m struggling to recall any stereotypes for Sikh men. I mean, they are often mistaken for Muslims and there are plenty of stereotypes for them; so I guess those could apply?

Okay so I did a quick google search because I seriously couldn’t think of any and found this:

Cartoon from SikhPark

So it seems Sikh’s do identify with the broad stereotype that perpetuates pretty much any brown-skinned man as a potential flight risk. In fact, as I wrote that sentence I just realised that the cartoonist may be saying that the reason the ‘old lady’ moved away from him couldn’t have been because of the turban because his skin is white. At first I had thought it was sarcasm. It may still be. The best creative content allows for multiple interpretations, if you’d like to see more of how this Sikh cartoonist is using comedy to mock racial stereotypes then check out SikhPark on Facebook.

Moving on from that massive digression, the main story today centres around how the Sikh community gathered together to pay forward $10,000 towards the town of Central Valley’s – in California- fireworks display. This donation is apparently part of numerous efforts by the Sikh community to prove that they have ‘American values’, one interesting example being professing their love for Game of Thrones (can’t blame em). But don’t you find it irritating that there is a minority having to go out of their way just to prove that they are just like everybody else?

Image result for sikh 9/11

This precedent rose to the surface after 9/11 sparked many prejudice perceptions of certain minorities in the country. Soon after the attack a hate crime against a Sikh man in Arizona was reported. Not much seems to have changed, as recent as March a Sikh man was murdered after being told to ‘go back to your country’.

For you, celebrating your country’s independence and being patriotic was easy and you thought nothing of it. Some of you read my last post and bought the (affiliate) patriotic fidget spinners from Amazon and made use of Siteground’s 4th of July sale. For others it’s not as easy when their very nationality is constantly questioned and thrown into doubt. If you take anything from this article, just remember that diversity is what makes anything special.

There’s a reason kids love rainbows.

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