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When Rebecca Danigelis, 75, was made redundant after nearly 50 years at her place of work she was left devastated and clueless as to what she would do next. Witnessing her distress, her son, Regis Danigelis, offered to take her on a trip of a lifetime, fulfilling her bucket-list desires.

“My mom wasn’t home a lot. She was always working,” Regis recounts of his childhood. “I was like, ‘I have a little bit of cash. Let’s just write out a list of all the things you couldn’t do, and let’s do them,’ and it really was a distraction for her because of her head space.”

On Danigelis’ bucket list were the usual crazy things, like skydiving, along with more sentimental wishes like visiting her sister’s grave — she had been too busy with work to go to her funeral.

“I never got to go to my sister’s funeral when she died … I was working […] And I felt so regretful that I put something so much less important ahead.”

Regis, like many of us, admits to not being grateful enough when he was younger for everything his mother did for him. He would often give her a hard time for not securing a better job but now realises how hard his mother worked to put food on the table. As well as comforting his mother in her time of need, he also sees this as an opportunity to right his wrongs and make up for it as an adult.

” [This is] more about me understanding my mom.”
Mom Reunites With Daughter and Granddaughter / 2016

Use this story as an opportunity to remind you that the ones who love us the most often become passenger’s to their own lives so that we may be drivers in our own. Regis is a lucky man, not only has his mother been blessed with a long life, but she also has the pleasure of still being active and healthy. Think of all the people who have taken to being passengers for your own benefit, those who have sacrificed beyond their means just so you may have a shot in life.

Make making sure that they know how thankful you are a part of YOUR bucket list!
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