Daily Motivation: Opportunity

It’s a big world.

We live, on average, for about 78 years.

If you interact with at least 3 new people daily, in a lifetime you’d have met 80,000 people.

80,000 lives, dreams and personal agendas. Each a chance to impact your life in some way or another.

80,000 opportunities to make lifelong friendships, to find the love of your life, to find a business partner or the dream job; to become rich.

So the question remains: If all of us are likely to encounter a similar number of opportunities in our lifetimes, why are others more successful than some?

The answer is quite simple: facing opportunities and actually taking them are two entirely different things.

If one was to take a mathematical approach to this, in terms of probability it’s highly likely that the person who endeavours to fulfil the maximum number of opportunities will find more success than those who hand-pick at their discretion.

Look at it in terms of ‘luck’. It’s not a term many of us take seriously – “I don’t believe in luck“- but if you are of the mindset that the very fact you’re alive is due to luck, then it is something you should take seriously.

There are thousands, or maybe millions, of people out there who have found success by luck. Some people are born with millions of dollars set aside for them, others may find themselves in a situation that grants them success but it was entirely coincidental. Most of us, have to work hard and put ourselves in those situations on purpose.

That doesn’t mean you’re not lucky.

You’re lucky you’re still alive, you’re lucky you’re not hit by a terminal illness, you’re lucky a knife-wielding maniac didn’t cross your path. Things that are out of your control.

So don’t waste your luck; aspire to be lucky today and tomorrow and the day after that. Put yourself in as many situations where you can be lucky as you possibly can.




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