Are Milestones The Key To Success? (100 Subscribers in 1 month)


In typical fashion that you’ve all grown accustomed to, I’ve taken something so small and otherwise minor, laced it with dynamite, blown it way out of proportion, then jumped into the gaping abyss left in its wake. Happy 100 followers! 🙂

The First Follower

My first recorded follower dates back to June 17th of last month (about a month and a half ago). Deciding to start a blog wasn’t an easy decision, in fact I had never had any intention to do so until I had fallen ill recently and needed something to take it off of my mind. For the longest time I’d had strong thoughts and opinions on various subjects but struggled to find a suitable forum to voice them and dangerously apprehensive thoughts kept me from establishing my own. But like many of you will know from posts I’ve written like ‘What is the key to success‘ I’ve come to a stage in life where waiting in fear is no longer an option. It took me a while to realise that every successful person has had the, entirely understandable, urge to wait for a hypothetical opportunity that will come to them. At the end of the day, it’s the people who take that for what it is- entirely hypothetical – that go on to achieve their goals while others are still waiting.

Shout out my dawg Christian

The First Post

In the relatively short period of time that I’ve been blogging I’ve written think pieces, success tips, stories and even music updates. It’s no secret that I obviously enjoy delving deep into uncomfortable subjects which is what I did from the beginning.

My first post labelled ‘Tomorrow I may die’ looked into the true frailty of human life and the daunting inevitability of death that most of us choose to ignore. I didn’t know how it would be received as my first ever post. My conventional understanding of blogs had been that they were very cheesy and unrealistic. Most people choose to share their happiness rather than the very real depressive struggles that each and every one of us go through.

I assumed through my title that anyone who clicked would assume I had a terminal illness or that, for some reason, I apprehended immediate death. TIMD is one of my favourite posts because what you get from that post isn’t what you expect. I do offer an intimate look into my life and my childhood but that post, in no doubt, encourages the reader to reflect on their own mortality in a way that every-day life does not afford them. It was important to let people know that my blog wasn’t going to be your average blog, it’s gonna make you think more but it’s also not going to end on a dark note. Because life isn’t dark in itself, the sun still comes up and floodlights still turn on. I credit that post for having kickstarted my blog and introduced many of you to my small community.

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I received so much support and I’m honestly so thankful and humbled; it spurred a hunger within me to continue posting n the hopes of making more people feel the way you guys did.

Small Milestones Matter!

The number ‘100’ is often the first milestone in a chain of many others but, arguably, it’s the one that means the most. It’s the one that sets everything in motion, it’s the one that shows you’re clearly doing something right, It’s the one that shows that people believe in your content so much that they’ll subscribe from the get-go.

Setting milestones for anything in life is essential. I know from my experience that every goal we want to achieve often comes with several sub-goals that have to be fulfilled beforehand. It’s easy to say you want to do X and jump straight into it but then you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and disheartened because you weren’t prepared. Instead of rushing into things, it’s better to attack your goals in organised sets so that when it comes to achieving the ultimate goal; you’re fully prepared.


For example, say you decide you want to be a photographer; you’ve spent years looking at beautiful photos on Instagram and you’ve decided you want to produce high-quality photos of your very own. So you buy all the equipment your favourite photographers use and you head off to the capital to shoot to your heart’s content. Figured out what’s wrong here? For starters, you haven’t checked the manual so you have no idea to work the camera or it’s settings. Secondly, you haven’t taken the time to figure out what editing software the pros use so really you’ve spent potentially thousands of your hard-earned money producing content that could probably be replicated on a standard phone. And there, my friends, is the difference between those who will achieve their goals and those who will stop short of them because they got off to a false start.

Mistakes Are A Good Thing

Mistakes are good for teaching us valuable lessons, but as useful as they are; they are time consuming – the least mistakes, the more time you have doing the right thing. So be realistic, make your goal seem smaller than it is. If your goal is to lose weight, make your first goal to eat less of what is making you unhealthy and more of what is good for you. Eventually, it’ll get easier and if you’re not yet ready to exercise, the weight you lose is likely to motivate you whenever you’re ready. If your goal is to be a successful blogger, set several milestones to aid your site’s development. Your first priority shouldn’t be followers, in fact it should come as a surprise so that you can write a blog post about it when you’ve run out of ideas (wait what?).

First, focus on your content and output. How often can you realistically put out the content you want to put out? Is family or responsibilities going to get in the way and if so, how can you rearrange your schedule to fit your goal? By doing it this way, when you’re free to write your content you have nothing else on your mind to distract you or take away from the quality you produce. Then, how are you going to market your content. Thinking of making an account on every social network on Earth? Well think again. Only focus on as many networks you can realistically divide your attention across or you’ll find yourself eventually having to neglect certain networks in favour of others. So it’s better to exercise prevention early on.

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Take time to also create backlinks, read other authors’ content, leave feedback and also offer to contribute content where it is reasonable to do so. Someone who rushes in head-first into what they’re doing doesn’t take the time to research and plan what is necessary to succeed their dream; so that dream remains a dream. But by taking your time with each milestone, the ultimate goal you once set; now becomes another milestone for a bigger dream.

It’s funny writing this because I’ve in no way reached my ultimate goal so it’s definitely still a goal and not a milestone I’ve passed. But I am proud to say I’ve achieved many of the milestones I had in mind and I barely noticed. So much so that I’ve actually got more than 100 subscribers right now and this post is actually coming late but you probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t brought your attention to it and now I’m regretting telling you and now I’m wondering whether you’re wondering why I haven’t deleted this tangent and…

Honestly though, I’m glad you’re all here for this milestone and I’m looking forward to all the milestones to come. I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments thus far and finding out more about you guys and what your hobbies and aspirations are. If you’ve subscribed it’s probably because you have huge aspirations and can relate to my thoughts on the journey of getting there. That life isn’t all dandelions and roses but it’s also not all grey and gloomy.

I believe in each and every one of you, as you have believed in me.

P.S. I’ll be publishing a post on exact things I did to help grow my subscriber base and garner thousands of views; so make sure you’re subscribed for that 🙂

I read all replies :)